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Introducing, the Third Street Cinema,
bringing movie nights to the San Dimas community.

Our history of showing movies in our sanctuary goes back nearly 100 years, it's time for us to revive it!

Movies in a church sanctuary? Yep!

Telling stories is integral to who we are as human beings. Throughout human history, we see stories as a means of learning, teaching, sharing who we have been, and dreaming of who we want to be. In a mediated culture, film and television play a huge role in how we engage stories, from science fiction to documentary and everything in between.

When this sanctuary was built at the corner of Third Street and San Dimas Avenue one hundred years ago, it was designed to be more than a place of worship. The historic projector booth and sloping floor which still remain tell of our history as a place where the community gathered to watch movies together. We think it’s time to be that again, serving San Dimas and beyond as a venue to share in the stories of our time together through independent, mainstream, and documentary films in addition to worship, meetings, and weddings.